A few pieces for Fine Fellow..

A few years back we met Clara from Burton Metal Depository when she hired some display items from us. Since then, we’ve worked together on a range of pop up shops that Clara has run in Darlinghurst. When she came to us with her business partner Gisueppe (from Men in this Town) regarding their new store we were pretty excited to be involved.

Based in Darlinghurst, Fine Fellow is a men’s lifestyle shop and studio located on Sydney’s Foley Street.

recycled hardwood wambrook round table for fine fellow.

Our team worked with them to design a feature shelving unit for the store. With a handcrafted powder coated black steel frame, made using a combination of flat bar and angled pieces; it then has recycled timber shelving pieces fitted onto the frame.

A triple chardex lounge was placed in the space for a breakout area, with cushions in a durable light coloured Sunbrella canvas. One of our favourite round wambrook tables sits in the middle of the store for product display.

triple chardex lounge



They had such a clear vision, and it is so great to see it all come together for them. The store matches perfectly with the Fine Fellow brand and am sure it will be a great success.

All Timbermill items available to purchase off the floor, for more info visit their website here. x







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