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*Please refer to Rentals FAQ for any rental related questions.


I am interested in working with you, how do we get started?

Firstly, thanks for your interest in Timbermill!

If you’re interested in a dining table, have you seen our new ‘design your own’ table builder form here. On completion of this form, a Timbermill Account Manager will be in touch within 48 hours with pricing and more detail.

If you’re after something else, to begin with please have a look at our custom furniture or custom projects pages and then get in touch via email. Send through as much information as possible – image inspiration, dimensions, timber styles etc. We recommend you do this prior to an in person appointment as it helps you as the customer have a think about what you’re after.

After that a Timbermill Account Manager will be in touch within 48 hours. We can generally provide some rough pricing pretty quickly, all our pricing is calculated based on the labour and materials required to complete a job.

After you have a ball park price and you’re happy with it, you can opt to come into our office for a chat about your piece with your Account Manager and someone from our Production team (Please note this isn’t required, it really depends on your personal preference) to finalise your job details.
More details on the next steps are found in the below points.


I hear you do furniture rentals/hire as well? How do I find out about that?

You heard right. Our sister business ‘Timbermill Rentals’ operates separately over at www.rentals.timbermill.com.au. We all love our rental furniture offering, and it offers a great short term solution if you’re after something right now for your event in the quintessential Timbermill ‘style’.  


I live out of Sydney, is it still an option?

Yes definitely. Whilst it might be a little harder to come in and see timber samples, we work with a lot of clients outside the Sydney region. Nothing some good emailing, phone calls and some strong delivery guys can’t fix..


How much are your custom pieces?

Our team get asked this a lot and it is one of the more difficult questions to answer due to the nature of custom products. In order for you to get a price quickly, please ensure you send through things like dimensions, timber style, heights, material options right from the get go.

Our pricing is all set in brackets which factor in the materials required plus the labour involved. All of our products are handmade by our workshop in Sydney, and each piece involves many hours of designing, planning and building.  Whilst sometimes that means we can’t match the pricing of our overseas or mass made counterparts you can know that you’re getting a beautiful, unique product made just for you when you choose Timbermill.
As a guide, for a 2600mm long x 1100mm wide x 750mm high dining table (approx 8-10 pax seater sitting at normal height) you’re looking at a price of around $3600.00 inc gst for a solid 45mm recycled timber top and steel base. It fluctuates up and down from that point depending on timber type, thickness, base style, and size.  Smaller items such as stools start around the $300.00+gst mark.


What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are 50% deposit to confirm the order, and remaining amount due prior to delivery. No exceptions unless otherwise specified and agreed on in writing by your Timbermill Account Manager.


Do you accept credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card payments.


How long are your quotes valid for?

Our quotes are valid for 30 days only, after this Timbermill will either re-activate your quote or re- quote your job.


Do you provide on site inspections?

Yes we do, although if you require one prior to your deposit payment a $150.00+gst fee applies (within 30km of Marrickville, NSW, additional fees applies outside of this area) for a site inspection. This amount is paid prior the inspection. If you decide to proceed we will discount this amount from your final invoice.

One site inspection maximum is allowed for post deposit payment.  Any additional site visits after this point incur a $150.00+gst fee (within 30km of Marrickville, NSW, additional fees applies outside of this area). These amounts will be invoiced to you as they occur.
Appointments at the Timbermill office incur no fees, although please note they must be arranged prior as we are not always able to accommodate walk in appointments.


Do you provide drawings of the custom furniture?

Yes, Timbermill will provide shop drawings of your proposed items within after a 50%  deposit payment has been received. Unfortunately, we will not provide these prior in order to protect our intellectual property.
Our website and social media channels all showcase a huge range of our previous work so please have a browse at similar items and trust the fact that we will always work with you as much as possible to produce an amazing end product.


How do I confirm my order?

To confirm an order we will need you to confirm your quote, either by accepting an online link or by written confirmation. After this, an invoice will be processed and sent to you requesting the 50% deposit amount. No order is confirmed into our build schedule until this 50% payment has been received.


Am I able to change my order after I’ve paid my deposit?

You’re able to change your order if required up until the final drawings have been approved, although not below the original deposit amount (this amount is non refundable). After production has started, any variation will be invoiced accordingly.
With all sales orders, we require a deposit before any drawings are supplied so we understand sometimes changes are necessary.


I have paid my deposit but my job has been delayed?

Here at Timbermill, we work on quite a strict build schedule of 8 weeks ahead at all times. At the time of your deposit payment, we allocate a time slot for your job. If your job is delayed for some reason, whilst we will endeavour to fit you in at your required time but we hold no responsibility for delayed timing. Please ensure you give us written notice of any delays so we can work with you as much as possible.  
If we complete your job for the due date, and you require storage beyond 7 days of notice of completion we will charge a storage fee of 1% of total job value per week.


What is the lead time on your furniture?

Our standard lead time is around 8 weeks from date of deposit. Please note, accepting a quote does not guarantee you a spot on our build schedule and the deposit must be received to lock in your time.


Am I able to come and inspect my piece during the building process?

Yes of course, your Timbermill Account Manager will be in contact throughout the sales process with any updates and to arrange an inspection. As a guide, any inspections will be in around week 6-7 of the 8 week lead time.


Do you offer delivery of the items, or do I have to pick up?

Definitely. We use a range of trusted external delivery contractors to deliver all our pieces. Please note, this is always at an additional charge which is added to your quote.
You’re also welcome to pickup your item from our warehouse at a prearranged time during business hours Monday – Friday but Timbermill takes no responsibility for the packing of these into your vehicles and any damages that occur once you leave our warehouse.


What warranty do you offer?

Whilst in all situations we will aim to work with you to fix your item if you have any issues, we offer a 5 year warranty on all of our furniture items. This covers the structural integrity of the piece. All Timbermill items have been designed and manufactured to last a lifetime.

Standard wear and tear will always apply, and this is not covered under the structural warranty. It is the responsibility of the client to care for their item.

Please note, warranty does not apply if you simply change your mind.

Any exceptions to the above must be approved in writing by your Timbermill Account Manager at the time of order.


What is your return policy?

Unfortunately we do not give returns if you change your mind or make a wrong decision. You can choose between a refund, exchange or credit where goods are faulty, have been wrongly described, or are different to the original product ordered.

Whilst we will work with you if you are unhappy about a design element, we cannot be responsible for this. The nature of custom is we work with one off pieces all the time, and whilst we can recommend ways for building it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to approve the item.

If your items arrives to you either damaged or faulty you must notify Timbermill within 24 hours.
If your item arrives and you don’t believe you have received is what you asked for you must inform Timbermill in writing within 7 days of order.

Material FAQ


What kind of timber do you work with?

All kinds of timber, the options are (pretty much) endless.

Whilst our core style is to use amazing recycled timbers collected from all over Australia, such as spotted gum, iron bark and blackbutt, we also work with a range of new hardwood including the aforementioned timbers, as well as American Oak and Alpine Oak among others.
If you’re unsure of what timber to use, then let us know any extra information you might have such as the ideal colouring, and what kind of space it’s going into. We have a whole range of images, samples and timber knowledge to assist you in making the decision.


If I use recycled timber, will my table look ‘rustic’?

‘Rustic’ is a term which has been thrown around a lot over the past few years and the majority of people seems to think it’s definition is extended to any use of recycled timber and building materials.

Whilst yes, we can definitely offer tables with a more ‘rustic’ look such as our ever popular ‘Benefield’ table you can also use recycled timber in many ways where the end product won’t be ‘rustic’ at all and will have a clean, finished look.

The beauty of using recycled timber is that whilst the methods used to make the furniture is the same (it actually takes MORE time to work with recycled timber as opposed to new timber..) , the actual timber has a few more character elements through grain variation, a mixture of colouring and in general a bit more inconsistency as opposed to opening up a pack of new hardwood.
It really depends on the look you’re after but definitely don’t be scared off by the word ‘recycled timber’.


What finish options do you offer?

As standard, all of our pieces are coated in a clear finish of either Porters ‘Clearcote’, Osmo Clear Matte, or Cabots Clear Matte depending on the level of protection required. Timbermill will list their recommended option in the quote.
Whilst we will always recommend keeping the natural timber colouring showing, we do offer a range of lighter and darker stain options which can be applied to the timber.


Do you offer anything other than timber?

We sure do. Timbermill works with an network of trusted suppliers to incorporate other materials such as steel, upholstering and signage elements into our work.
Details about this are provided on an per job basis.


Is the furniture outdoor suitable?

Unless specified all furniture is built for indoor use only. Outdoor tables are built differently and it is the responsibility of the client to inform Timbermill of where the items are to be positioned/located.


How do I care for my furniture piece?

Like anything, a piece of furniture requires regular care and maintenance to ensure it lasts as long as possible. The majority of our products are finished in a protective and durable clear coat which can be cleaned with a regular cleaning products. If we use a particular finish on your table Timbermill will provide you with specific care instructions if required.

As listed above in our warranty section, basic wear and tear is not covered under our warranty. It is the responsibility of the client to maintain their item/s in order for them to last.
For full care & maintenance information please refer to our document here.

Anything else? Feel free to send us an email


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