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Delivery & Pickup Information

One of the most logistical and difficult things about what we do – delivery & pickup. We’ve listed our details and notes below to help you get a grasp on how it works and to decide what you would prefer.



Our furniture is pretty heavy, so in most cases we would recommend delivery for our Timbermill rental jobs.  Whilst this can be costly, we would always recommend this. We use trusted external contractor removalists to deliver, pick up and handle our furniture so all rates are set and non negotiable.

The standard rates are based off 2 man and a truck. They price on a base hourly charge of $110.00 per hour inc gst, all variations to this rate are listed below under ‘hourly rates’. All delivery costs are based off loading time at Timbermill, travel time to location, unloading at location and return travel time if location is 10km+ from Marrickville. All delivery is quoted on a per job basis.

Whilst occasionally we offer a one man/van rate Monday – Saturday 07 00 – 17 00 this is on a per job basis and only for 1-2 item deliveries.  This is charged at a base rate of $77.00 per hour with minimum 2 hour charges.

For delivery, we require you to select a 3 hour time window of either 7am-10am, 10am-1pm, 1pm-4pm, 4pm-7pm for our team to arrive –  this is because of things like traffic, previous job delays etc. Once this has been confirmed, we cannot guarantee time changes will be allowed. Items will be placed in a pile at delivery location, but set up is not included as standard. If required, they are also available for setup (excluding lighting). This is charged at an additional cost of $66.00 inc gst per hour.

If you require a smaller time window for delivery, a surcharge of $150.00 inc gst applies each way.


Standard rates apply for delivery within a 3 hour window delivery slot, client to select 7am-10am, 10am-1pm, 1pm-4pm, 4pm-7pm, 7pm-10am.

  • 1 MAN & TRUCK | MONDAY – SATURDAY 07 00 – 17 00 : $77.00 per hour – minimum 2 hour charge applied
  • 2 MAN & TRUCK | MONDAY – SATURDAY 07 00 – 19 00 : $110.00 per hour – minimum 2 hour charge applies
  • 2 MAN & TRUCK | MONDAY – THURSDAY 19 00 – 07 00: $165.00 per hour – minimum 2 hour charge applies
  • 2 MAN & TRUCK | FRIDAY – 19 00 – SATURDAY 07 00: $220.00 per hour – minimum 4 hour charge applies
  • 2 MAN & TRUCK | SATURDAY 19 00 – 23:59 &  SUNDAY 12:00 AM UNTIL MONDAY 07:00: $220.00 per hour – minimum 4 hour charge applies
  • SETUP COST: *We only setup tables, bars, arches into position. A floor plan is required prior to arrival. No lighting setup.: $66.00 per hour – minimum 1 hour charge
  • SMALL TIME WINDOW (45 MINS – 1 HOUR) SURCHARGE: $150.00 inc gst each way



When appropriate, clients may pick up the furniture from the Timbermill warehouse.  The total hire period must not exceed FOUR DAYS. Pickup collection is available between 9am-3pm Monday to Friday unless arranged and approved by Timbermill prior. Should you need to arrange an alternate time for collection or return please give as much notice as possible. Additional charges will apply if items are not returned in times allocated.

This is free of charge, but by picking up from us you are also accepting that you are completely responsible for picking up the items yourself. You must bring appropriate vehicles, ropes, tarpaulins and blankets and helping hands to load into your vehicle. Timbermill is not liable for any damages or injury which occur during pickup or transport.

Whilst someone from our team will be on hand to prepare your order, it is the responsibility of the client to provide the labour to load into vehicles. A $66.00 inc gst per hour/per person charge will apply if additional Timbermill staff are required to assist in load/unload.

Please note, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure all quantities are packed and loaded. Timbermill will not bear the costs of items which are missed or not loaded.

Our rental products must be treated with care. If we believe you are inadequately handling the pickup and transport we have the right to cancel the order on the spot.

If you are looking for a method of transportation to arrange yourself we would recommend the following companies:

*TIP: Sometimes, depending on the event you might be better hiring a truck or van and doing all your pickups at one time. Or you could arrange a removal company to do this for you, but they could pick up everything (furniture, florals, alcohol etc) to save multiple delivery charges from all your suppliers.


  • Thrifty
  • Orana Truck Rental (there is one in Tempe which is close to our Marrickville location)
  • Avis


  • ‘Go Get’ Car Share Vans or Utes (you will require a membership)
  • Thrify
  • Sydney Ute Hire


Please note, setup is not offered as standard. We offer setup of our items (except lighting) for an additional charge of $66.00 inc gst per hour (min 1 hour charge). All of our items requiring a detailed setup come with instruction documents and have all been designed to be assembled quickly and simply.

It is the responsibility of the client to provide clear instruction, floor plans etc for setup.

If you require further assistance with setup and styling, we recommend you get in touch with a stylist, florist or event manager.


Any other questions please email


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