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A Table for Deborah...

It’s hard not to see a Timbermill table delivered to a new home without it immediately creating a feature of itself. Often, the beauty in the timber is enough to create an overwhelming presence in the room. When we made this particular table, we decided to do things a little differently and to make a statement from the base beneath the timber too.

Mixing materials can create a brilliant contrasting statement. In this case, we mixed light timber with black powder coated steel. The top was made from a light recycled flooring sourced by the client, and then we designed a steel base to compliment the top.

Although it’s common to use a conventional SHS (Square Hollow Section) design, we wanted to make more of a statement and made our own cross design from flat plate steel on different axles. This meant that we could maximise leg space around the table without losing any structural strength and could maintain a sleek and stylish look.

The table itself was designed to seat twelve comfortably. Creating the steel base from 100mm x 4mm solid steel flat plates and a 75cm CHS  (Circular Hollow Section) pipe. So much extra leg room is made in doing so!

It is extremely important to think about seating arrangements when deciding where the base will be positioned.  The distance between the legs on each side of the table needs to the allow for the right amount of chairs to tuck underneath, whilst still leaving enough room on each end if you wish to have people sitting at the head of the table. Because the width of this top measures in at 1.2 metres (quite wide!) we were able to allow for two extras to seat at each end by inclining the base by 300mm on each side for leg room.

At 2.8 metres long, the recycled blackbutt floor joints had been milled up into 80mm by 12mm Tongue and Groove flooring. By using a ‘secret nailing’ method, we were able to create a table that looked as though there were no fixings at the top of the table. We completed the top by fixing a skirting edge, which gave it a thick, clean look.

This custom design table has a clear span of two metres between each leg, which allows for four chairs 460mm wide to seat comfortably on each side. Considering the chairs that you are looking to use with your table is such an important part when designing a custom design table! Legs can span from 400mm wide up to 600mm wide and can mean the difference between seating a few extras at the table.

By choosing contrasting materials, the colours, tone and texture of this table created a really clean finish which featured both the timber top and the steel base -- without the two competing!


This table combination can be found in our  'design your own' table selections as 'benefield' top in t & g flooring board with cross base in steel.