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Behind the build: An elephant in the workshop

It's not every day the design brief for an activation features a hardwood see-saw, crazy mirrors and a balancing elephant, but when it comes to Dot Dot Dash jobs we've learnt to brace for the unexpected and exciting!

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This activation was no different and after getting our heads around the initial idea, we set to work to figure out how to bring it all to life. Damon was on carousel and see-saw duty, even on Candy Bar, Tom kept the CNC cutting letters all week and Sam made sure everything was finished and touched up in two shades of blue.

Over the course of a week, the workshop was transformed into a carnival sideshow, as we pieced together all the elements of the build and saw the circus take shape.

The elephant arrived in the back of truck on Tuesday and made himself right at home in the workshop, albeit to the dismay of Toby, Bob and Scout, our resident dogs who had a hard time accepting their new four legged workshop friend. Luckily he didn't last long and was soon sent to his new home. 

This kind of job keeps everyone on their feet - sometimes there's a bit of ''figure it out as you go along'' but that's what keeps it exciting.