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A few Blackbutt stools for Charlotte...

Some little custom stools we worked on with an Interior Designer for her new cafe project. Built by Mike from our team, he worked with the client to turn her inspiration image into a final product. Blackbutt timber was specified for this project based on its light, ashy colouring and directional grain throughout. Like every handmade timber product, each stool ended up with its own unique characteristics.
A lot of people enquire about exactly how the custom process works here at Timbermill. To use the example of this particular job, the client came to us with an inspiration image and ideas about what she was after. Mike then worked with her in a face to face consultation about how this could be developed and then built by us. Never wanting to replicate someone else's design exactly, we always try to offer solutions which add a little something, whether it be through the join detail, actual design or finishing of the piece.

In this particular case, a few structural elements were added and the overall stool was finished with a nice matte coating. Mike also scrubbed up in his upholstery skills and added the black cushion tops to half of the stools. He says the decision to upholster the cushion tops served two objectives; first and foremost to better serve the customer, "There's nothing better than indulging in a coffee on a comfortable stool". And, secondly to visually break the product into two sections. Differentiating the top from the base allowed the design of the stool to hold it's own.