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The Timbermill travelling circus heads to Campbelltown

The Timbermill travelling circus headed south, and spent the evening setting up an eye-catching candy bar activation within the Campbelltown Mall. 

Partnering with Dot Dot Dash, who are known for their 'larger than life' activations, this one featured a candy bar, a set of crazy mirrors, a circus carousel and an elephant balancing on a see-saw.  

Our recently installed CNC machine did a lot of the hard work, cutting all the individual lettering, with over five layers of timber, acrylic and mirror incorporated into each letter.

Everything was made by the Timbermill team in the workshop  and finished in a two-tone striped blue. 

We gave everything a final lick of paint, and then the elephant and the rest of the install was loaded into the back of the ute, and we headed down the M5 with a few stares from intrigued commuters. 

The installation was relatively straightforward, with most components being built in the workshop the week prior, As this was the first time a few of the larger pieces had been fully assembled, it was a relief to see everything come together so nicely, as each piece was delicately placed and pieced together during a quiet Monday night at the mall.