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Childcare Centre Furniture

We know what you might be thinking… The Timbermill furniture pictured has dramatically shrunk! Or maybe you’re even asking “what are they making, a centre for ants!?” If so, you’re almost right… We’ve just finished up a range for a children’s centre.

Over the last few weeks, Timbermill worked with Handprints Early Learning Centre to create a range of furniture pieces for its education and day care centre, due to open later this year.

The centre is a family owned and operated small business in St Ives in Sydney. We could appreciate that through furnishings, the centre was looking to bring the familiarity and warmth that the children have at home to their day care. As children’s furniture and their toys are often made from plastic, it was nice to see someone thinking outside the box.

It’s also a practical choice due to the durability of our pieces. We can guarantee that there will be a few pieces knocked about here and there and that they’ll often be moved about as day to day activities change in the centre. Because our pieces are built to last, we expect that so see them in the centre for a long time!

A range of pieces were designed and created to suit the changing nature of the activities in the centre. From picnic settings, small chair and table settings to mini trestle and stool options. All of the pieces promote flexibility and give the children the opportunity to be involved in collaborative learning.

When we arrived at the centre to drop off the items to their new home, it was pretty awesome to see all of the furniture coming together with the toys and other miniature pieces ready for the children. We’re pretty excited for the opening!