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Project Reveal:
Coffee Cart for Columbian Connection

This coffee cart was custom designed and built for a recent project for a regular client of Timbermill. They approached us with an initial design brief which required functionality (for coffee paraphernalia including two large industrial coffee machines, two coffee grinders, water barrels, stock and other essentials), an aesthetically pleasing design, and finally to be a sturdy product which would withstand the test of time.

With an end use of a high traffic Saturday market, the original design ideas were tweaked to produce the final product. Primarily in the construction sense, a steel cart frame was used to create a stronger base to strengthen the structure of the unit. Two large display blackboards were integrated with timber framing, and a large 'wing' style extension was added either side which allowed another 2m worth of bench space when fully spanned. This meant the final span was 5m long with a beautiful continuous recycled timber bench top.

We loved the final product, what do you think?