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Coopers Bar

Australia’s largest beer festival, the Tasmanian International Beerfest recently held its annual event for 2014. A great opportunity for local and international suppliers to show off the very best, it’s a chance for beer lovers to decide what they like most!

Coopers beer (a favourite of ours) was showing at both events in Sydney and Tasmania. Timbermill was approached to design and create a bar that to emulate the Coopers brand and its character.

We got cracking on a design that was over 4 metres long and 2.5 metres wide, but could be entirely flat packed for ease of transport between the states. A huge piece, it’s pretty remarkable that it can pack up into a single pallet that’s no more than 2.2 metres long, 1.2 metres wide and only a metre tall.

Assembly only requires twenty 65mm bugle head barton screws, which means that you’ve got an entire pop up bar in a matter of hours.When assembled, the bar features a recycled timber top with a corrugated iron front. An extra timber kick plate was added at the bottom and makes this bar stand at 1100mm high - perfect standing height when knocking back a beer or two!

A rear feature wall was added to the display to further draw attention to the brand. Created from structural plywood and recycled 4 by 2 oregon roof trusses, it featured led lighting to draw attention the sign - a concept developed by the Timbermill design team.