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Update: The month that COVID19 hit

As I am sure everyone can relate at the moment, COVID-19 has really turned all of our lives upside down.

It’s affected our small business in ways we couldn’t of predicted in our worst nightmares; and the overall effects throughout the world are just so, so devastating. It’s definitely going to be a long road ahead. Although sadness & negativity aside, it was been inspiring to see the amazing acts of generosity throughout the world and the amount of both individuals and businesses working as a ‘we’ and not ‘me’.

For us at Timbermill, we are luckily able to remain open for the time being and carve out some kind of new normal. We’re working through our (much smaller) build schedule and with the absence of Rentals due to events being shut down we’ve got a bit of time to work through the list of development ideas that always got put in the “if we had more time” pile. It’s been a challenging time so far but we’re also so lucky we can even operate and able to qualify for the relevant government assistance. Everyone has been bringing their A-game and I think it will change the way we operate SO MUCH moving forward.

To all of our clients supporting us through this time - thank you! Small business is hard and supporting local manufacturers and small business in general during this time is so appreciated.

Onwards and upwards.