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Project Reveal: Deus Manly Store

We recently worked with the team at Deus Ex Machina to build their new Manly store.

The site was a complete blank slate and the Deus vision was brought to life with a design featuring a range of timbers, concrete, steel and accessorised by some feature Deus styling pieces.  

What timber & materials were used in this project?
A wide range of materials was used across the project. The herringbone plywood floor was cut from a mix of plywood (we collected plywood pieces for about a month prior to ensure we had a nice range of colours and grades of ply). The primary timber used for the furniture and joinery elements was thick recycled Oregon, with elements of blackened steel integrated into most furniture pieces. Concrete was a feature material being used for the main counter as well as the display table. 

Favourite element of the project?
The team are split on the favourite part being the concrete counter or the sliding joinery elements for clothing display! Overall, it was an amazing project to be a part of and such an inspiring brand to work with.

Any particular challenges or difficult build components?
The plywood herringbone floor was a very labour intensive project and proved to be quite challenging to create and then lay but the end result was amazing and it truly ties the store together and creates the overall look the client was after.

The concrete counter and table ends was also something new for our workshop team, with the formwork bulging a bit when pouring the counter on site. They managed to secure it with more bracing and the end result is