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What is the concept behind 'Doors&Drawers' (D&D)?

D&D offers solid timber fronts for flatpack Ikea* kitchens. Enabling you to enhance and customise your flatpack kitchen design with handcrafted solid timber fronts.

Our 'Doors&Drawers' offering was launched in 2020 after the founders of Timbermill, Sally & Tom saw a bit of a gap in the Australian market to enhance the flatpack kitchen systems available with solid timber fronts.

Having renovated a few kitchens; they realised the Ikea* cabinetry system was such an incredible starting point for so many renovators (including themselves) but wanted to take the foundations of their cabinet system and give it a high-end custom look with elements such as solid timber fronts and hardware. After a few photos were posted they quickly learnt they weren't the only ones wanting these high end/custom touches and so an idea formed.... and a few prototypes later, and here we are.

We're so excited to bring the 'Doors&Drawers' concept to life.


**Note - we're not affiliated with Ikea at all, we simple love their cabinetry system and wanted to offer an aftermarket product to accessorise them.