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Doors&Drawers in Recycled Hardwood

A workshop sneak peek

The raw recycled hardwood that comes into our workshop every week has no idea what it might be turned into. We imagine most of the old palings wouldn't mind seeing themselves transformed into a beautiful dining table, but my theory is becoming a set of hardwood timber doors or drawers for a nice kitchen wouldn't be too bad either - spare yourself from the spilt wine, food scraps and table elbows. 

All jokes aside, the batch of recycled hardwood we received last week featured some beautiful dark tones and features - perfect for a recent online Doors&Drawers order we'd received that week. 

Each order is individually made in our workshop, so Evan set to work putting the order together piece by piece, process by process. We captured his work from start to finish, from the initial raw timber going through the sander, to the satisfying 'click' as we test hung it on our prototype kitchen unit. 

If you have an existing IKEA Kitchen, or are planning a new one, Doors&Drawers might be the perfect option for you - learn more here