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Etsy Unwrapped

Back in December, we worked alongside one of our favourite clients Dot Dot Dash (DDD) on the 'Etsy Unwrapped' Event which was held on Level Seven of David Jones in Sydney. It was the first time Etsy had held such an event and showcased it's forty top store holders from around Australia in a live, market style as opposed to their standard online platform.

The brief held some restrictions, mainly revolving around the venue which whilst stunning was on Level 7 of the CBD David Jones and is a heritage listed space. This meant we were limited in how and what we could build on site.  Using the Etsy staples of plywood and the colour orange, we designed market stalls and peg board walls for the stall holders. All of which could be easily dismantled without the use of screws and nails and most importantly, without damaging the venue.

The team worked on this job for around 8 weeks until 'bump-in' (event lingo for setup). Whilst we definitely hit a few bumps in the road and by the end I don't think I wanted to see the colour orange for a while, the end result was superb and I couldn't of been prouder of what everyone pulled off. Working with Dot Dot Dash is a dream. Their efficiency and eye for detail is on another level and personally think they are some of the best in the game.

It is absolutely mind boggling to watch the amount of time, resources and planning which go into events like this to then see them pulled down four days later. In this case, all the stalls are being held for safe keeping and all that wasn't stored is now being recycled into other jobs. We always try and do this as much as possible with every job we pull down, it is great to see how re-useable some materials prove to be when they are put in the right hands.