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Flat Pack Recycled Timber Desks

In response to the crazy world we’re in right now, with most of us isolating and working from home we’re really excited to be able to offer these fold up desks into the world.

They have come about as after the initial shock of COVID19 hit (more about that here) we brainstormed with our team about offering a few things we could delivery quickly and easily to our customers. A few of our clients also reached out mentioning they needed desks to work from home and the idea snowballed from there that we could design a simple desk we could make a few of, that could be easily flat packable and also delivered in a fast lead time and not our standard custom lead time.

Featuring beautiful recycled timber panels, these desks have been designed to be flat packable and assembled in a matter of minutes. At 1400mm long they are the perfect one person desk. 

What materials have been used?
In an effort to keep these desks simplified and cost effective, we’ve used recycled timber panels with a clear coat finish. The recycled timber panels just get better over time with their amazing imperfection and colouring (take it from us, we’ve been using recycled timber desks since day 1 of Timbermill and 7 years in they are looking amazing and have aged so well!)

How to order?
Hope you like them! To order one of our desks click on the STORE tab. 

Any questions shoot us an email via

And from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting small business.