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Styling the 'Amaretto' Cart with George & Smee

We recently got the George & Smee team in to style up our new ‘Amaretto’ Cart. This cart has proved to be a hit during the Summer, and we always love to see what all of our core stylist clients come up with when given free reign. The team used a mix of dried and died florals to style up the cart two ways.

How did the design come about? And what materials were used?
The Amaretto cart has a white steel round tube frame with a white washed plywood carcass and an American Oak timber top. When designing it, we wanted the timber to have a ‘floating’ look which sat within the steel frame. We also ensured that the overhead frame is remove-able for transport (as when designing Rentals this is everything! All items must fit into a truck and through doorways with other items. Whenever we make an exception and design something bigger it always ends in a disaster).

What can the Amaretto cart be used for?
The Amaretto cart can be used for product display, a drinks bar, floral cart, a coffee station - the list goes on but it has primarily been used for drink & food service based on the events it has been used for previously.