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Furniture: The "Jeffries" Chair

Introducing a new piece to the fold, the 'Jeffries' chair ...

This one is a special addition for us.. we've been playing around with designs for a single lounge for a few months now after the great response to the Chardex Lounge. But, it was only when our best friends (the 'Jeffries') got married in March that it eventuated into an actual product.

After building a number of our rental 'BT' trestles for the occasion (which are now in our rental stock here) we were thinking it would be nice to make something from the off cuts and timber surplus to make them a wedding present which was a treasured reminder of their special day.

Enter the 'Jeffries' chair -  handcrafted from either mixed recycled hardwood or newer timber such as spotted gum or American oak. This chair lets the timber be the focus, with slight angles for a comfortable yet beautiful feature chair.