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Furniture: Level One Communal Desks

A new communal desk area for Level One

A little communal desk area upgrade for our 'Level One' space.

We've been wanting to do this for a while. We had an old room just off the communal space which hadn't had much done to it when we initially when we renovated the 'Level One' space a few years back. Originally an old long office room with low ceilings and enough cabling to power the whole warehouse (watch the video to see for yourself!).

The demolition process was done over a few hours one evening, and we then got on to re-building the space quickly. The goal was to make this new desk are a funner and more transient space which felt like it was an extension of the existing communal area.

The desks were custom build by our team from Birch Plywood & a custom steel frame to feature four desks per overall table, complete with integrated dividers to give the users separation between the desks. Really happy with how these desks turned out! 

(more text below imagery)

The finishing touch to this space was a fun mural hand painted onto the wall. Designed by Sally, it was then projected onto the wall by Jack who hand painted it on. We're so happy with the result and it really amps up the vibe within the whole communal space but the muted colours means it isn't too overpowering.

Watch the video below to see the mural coming to life.

The space is now ready to go and we couldn't be happier.
Hope you like the transformation. Visit the Level one website to enquire about joining the 'Level one' space.