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Furniture: Railway Sleeper Table

This railway sleeper table is one for the favourite list. Whilst as with most custom jobs it took a lot longer than expected and a few hurdles had to be crossed, the end result is excellent and our clients have a beautiful table for many years to come. A very solid piece, with the table top alone weighing in at around 300kg!The dimensions of this table are 2800mm x 1100mm which will seat around 10-12 people.

The building process involved a lengthy process of ripping back the sleepers and then joining them together. After this was done the larger holes were filled with black resin making it a more practical table for every day use whilst still allowing the character of the timber to show through. Hours of sanding followed, with a light coat of dark stain applied and then sanded off to leave a tint of black through the veins in the timber. After a few more hours of sanding a clear protective finish was applied before it could finally go off to it's new home.

Hours upon hours are spent on every table in our workshop, ensuring they have an attention to detail which can rarely be matched. Handmade is an art and we will always ensure we go the extra mile for our custom clients.