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The 'Rookie' Bench

When we add a new custom project to the build schedule, it normally picks up a name somewhere along the process which has a relation to its owner. Generally being a king of slang or abbreviation, an example being we had "Tedja’s table" last week and today we are showing you the ‘Rookie’ bench (although it must be noted, the owner wasn’t a rookie in its traditional sense, but the name is a play on his last name :) ) Using recycled timber is occasionally a difficult thing, as no two pieces are ever the same. From the same pile, two completely different pieces can emerge. It is the wonderful, but at times difficult aspect of using recycled timber. If you’re after a consistent look with your piece of furniture or are trying to replicate something, recycled is maybe not the best choice.

For this particular job, when designing the bench we kept the lines simple with a solid top and straight post legs. Instead choosing to focus on the beauty of the hardwood pulled out of the old Alexandria Woolshed’s. The timber pieces had huge colour contrasts between them, offering a beautiful range to pick from when beginning the bench build.

Built and then given a light coat of danish oil followed by a protective clear coat allowed the timber colouring to be the main feature of the bench (we made 5 benches for this particular job). Each bench had its own character and grain coming through, and they were a solid, sturdy piece of furniture for their new home.

The ‘Rookie’ bench has become a firm favourite amongst the team, and we hope to build more in the near future.