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Furniture: Tables for the Mall

Some of the favourite tables to come out of the workshop recently, we built 9 of these (half round, half rectangle) for a commercial client who used the #designyourown table builder.  They featured a 'wambrook' top and a tapered leg (a new addition to the design your own options). With the recycled timber, it is a bit of a lucky dip in the colouring but this whole batch turned out to be very consistent and a beautiful light shades... we are thinking the species could be maybe a blackbutt or tasmanian oak. As we generally do rectangular tables, it was exciting to see the round ones come together. Round tables are something I've learnt to love over the past few years, and we're actually about to put one into our own house. They have a lovely communal feel and suit smaller spaces.

Which style/shape is your favourite out of these two?