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Project Reveal:
Thatchers Cider Night Noodle Markets for DotDotDash

A project which has been ongoing throughout 2015 is the 'Thatchers Cider' stand at the Night Noodle Markets for our event management client Dot Dot Dash. Built in Sydney, it has been designed to be able to be transported on pallets around Australia. Already travelling to Brisbane and back, and then it will head off to Melbourne in November. The client had a brief which had followed on from the activation last year, and we were brought in to build the extra components. As you can see from the images, it stood out a mile with the structure being painted in bright yellow to match the Thatchers branding.

Our Rental festoon lighting was strung over the activation area, all leading to the cider vat positioned in the middle of the 10m x 10m space.

Design: Dot Dot Dash | Build: Timbermill