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Project Reveal: Topshop Balloon Room

A fun project we worked on recently which was definitely not like anything we'd done before. Working with our favourite team at Dot Dot Dash we built, transported this huge 4m x 4m balloon structure around Australia for the Topshop Australia Laneway tour. Two of them were made and they popped up in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

When presented with the brief, I don’t think we truly knew what we were in for.. not only did this huge structure require some design strategy and engineering, we needed it to be able to be flat packed and put up and down four times over two weeks.

Working with our steel manufacturers, the steel panels were designed to be all made in similar sizing so they could transport and also fix together. Working out to be over 25 individual panels filled with acrylic sheets, it was assembled over a day and attached to the white floor piece which added a nice contrast against all the outdoor locations. And last but not least, the 2400mm wide lit up sign was attached on top - a job requiring some tactical forklift skills.

Overall, a challenging but fun project for the team - looking forward to the next one..