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Introducing 'Doors & Drawers'

Here at Timbermill, we’ve been thinking about how to offer these products to you ever since renovating our first home a few years back. At the time Tom and I were first time renovators, looking for a way to be cost efficient but also not end up with an off the shelf look. Even though we had a workshop, and knew some amazing cabinet makers - when looking into it all and on advice from a few people much more experienced than us we stumbled upon the Ikea ‘Metod’ system.

Whilst not only being budget friendly, it was also great to have the backing of the experience Ikea has in kitchen systems. They have knowledge about the ideal cabinet depths, spaces allowed for things etc etc. Their base cabinet system is tried and tested; and sometimes it really is better to work with the experts not to try compete against them. Once we’ve made the call to use their base system, I then got to researching the different ways we could ‘hack’ the kitchen to truly make it our own. A few good google sessions and I’d come across custom handles, legs, benchtops, hardware and tapware to turn the basic Ikea kitchen into a designer worthy kitchen. The nature of what we do at Timbermill enabled us to also enhance it quite a bit with solid timber but it planted a seed about how we could also bring these elements as a product to you, our customers that enabled you to do the same. It’s taken us a bit longer than we expected to get to this point and launch the ‘Doors&Drawers’ concept but we’re here now and we’re so excited to release it into the wild.

Sally x - Founder of Timbermill