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Winter Warmer Charity Dinner For Alzheimers

On the 27th June 2014, Timbermill supported the Alzheimer's Australia 'Bring it to the Table' campaign. For one night, our workshop transformed to treat 65 close friends and family to a sit down dinner. We were also able to raise funds, awareness and share our passion for a cause that is extremely close to my heart.

Earlier this year, my beautiful grandma passed away after a long battle with the disease. Experiencing its effects first hand, I had spent time researching Alzheimer's. It was a natural fit for our team to hold such an night in her honour.

The event gave us the chance to show off our new warehouse and some of our stunning rental pieces. It's much larger than our previous space, and could fit 8 of our 'dining' trestles and 16 of our 'long johnny' benches. This created one 17.6 metre long table through the workshop!

We kept the styling simple, creating extra character with the help of Hanako Floral Designs. We opted for bunches of hanging greenery, which accentuated the height of the workshop and length of the table.

Guests were treated to a meal prepared by Charlotte from Otho's Table. Charlotte is an amazing (and very talented!) friend of the team. Working her magic, she prepared delicious shared plates of food, perfect for a winter's night.

Though it was easy to get carried away by the fun of the night, it was important that we educate our guests about why we'd gathered together. Jacob Maher, a dear friend of ours spoke during the evening. He did a brilliant job at bringing home what Alzheimer's is, just how many people it affects and why our donation was so important.

Overall the night was a great success and we donated 50% of each ticket sale to Alzheimer's Australia. You can learn more about the 'Bring it to the Table' event and Alzheimer's Australia here.

I've replayed the night in my mind over again and I wish there was a way to relive it! So, it has stemmed the idea that Timbermill should do events like this more often.. let's see how we go. x