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Pricing Information

Solid timber fronts for flatpack Ikea* kitchens. Enabling you to enhance and customise your flatpack kitchen design with handcrafted solid timber fronts.


Our 'Doors&Drawers' front pricing is based off the type of timber chosen. All of our fronts are sized & categorised in the same way that Ikea* do so it makes it simple for you to match up the size you require.

Custom sized panels are available.

Our timber options are grouped as per below:
Timber Group 1: Birch Plywood
Timber Group 2: Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Victorian Ash, Recycled Hardwood, American Oak, Recycled Oregon
Timber Group 3: American Walnut

Once you have an idea of your preferred timber option and kitchen plans get in touch with us to discuss.

Note, we have a minimum order charge of $500+gst for all ''Doors&Drawers' orders. This is due to all items being handmade to order.


SizeTimber Group 1
Timber Group 2Timber Group 3
400mm H x 600mm W
400mm H x 400mm W$76$123$158
600mm H x 600mm W$172$277$355
600mm H x 300mm W$86$139$177
600mm H x 400mm W$115$185$237
800mm H x 200mm W$76$123$158
800mm H x 300mm W$115$185$237
800mm H x 400mm W$153$247$315
800mm H x 600mm W$229$370$473
880mm H x 600mm W$252$407$520
1000mm H x 400mm W$191$308$394
1000mm H x 600mm W$287$462$591
1200mm H x 600mm W$344$555$710
1400mm H x 400mm W$268$432$552
1400mm H x 600mm W$401$647$828
2000mm H x 400mm W$382$617$788
2000mm H x 600mm W$573$925$1183


SizeTimber Group 1Timber Group 2Timber Group 3
100mm H x 400mm W$19$31$39
100mm H x 600mm W$29$46$59
100mm H x 800mm W$38$62$79
200mm H x 400mm W$38$62$79
200mm H x 600mm W$57$92$118
200mm H x 800mm W$76$123$158
400mm H x 400mm W$76$123$158
400mm H x 600mm W$115$185$237
400mm H x 800mm W$153$247$315

Cover Panels

SizeTimber Group 1Timber Group 2Timber Group 3
80mm H x 2200mm W (Kick Plate)$84$136$173
860mm H x 390mm W (Cover Panel)$160$258$331
900mm H x 620mm W (Cover Panel)$267$430$550
1060mm H x 390mm W (Cover Panel)$198$319$407
2400mm H x 390mm W (Cover Panel)$447$721$922
2400mm H x 620mm W (Cover Panels)$711$1147$1466
2440mm H x 910mm W (Cover Panels)$1061$1711$2188

Note, pricing is subject to changes at any time. Minimum order for 'Doors&Drawers' is $500+gst, this is due to the made to order nature of our products.
Please read our FAQs for more details, and don't hesitate to reach out via at any time with any questions.

*Timbermill PTY LTD is not affiliated or associated with Ikea in any way at all. We simply love their cabinet systems and wanted to offer an aftermarket product to accessorise them.