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Custom FAQ's

These FAQ's should help some of the main questions we get asked about our Custom joinery and project offering, although feel free to get in touch via with anything else.

How do I get a custom quote?

If you’re after something custom, please send through as much information as possible – image inspiration, dimensions, timber styles etc.

We recommend you do this prior to an appointment as it helps you as the customer have a think about what you’re after.

After that, someone from the Timbermill team will be in touch. We can generally provide some rough pricing pretty quickly, all our pricing is calculated based on the labour and materials required to complete a job.

Please note, we’re not able to give custom pricing over the phone.

After you have a ball park price and you’re happy with it, you can opt to have a chat with us about your piece to finalise your job details.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are 50% deposit to confirm an order, with the final amount due prior to delivery. There are no exceptions to this unless noted in writing by Timbermill.

Do you offer site inspections?

Yes we can do a site visit if required.

Although if you require one prior to job confirmation/ deposit payment a charge will apply.

What is your current lead time?

It depends on the time of year but ranges from 10-16 weeks from date of order/deposit payment.

If you need something for a specific date please call this out as soon as possible so we can confirm whether the timeline is achievable.

We will advise of current lead time when providing a quote.

Do you provide shop drawings prior to building items?

Yes, Timbermill will provide shop drawings of your proposed items after a deposit payment has been received. Unfortunately, we will not provide these prior in order to protect our intellectual property. If required prior for client approval a charge will apply for the time involved in preparing these drawings.

Our website and social media channels all showcase a huge range of our previous work so please have a browse at similar items and trust the fact that we will always work with you as much as possible to produce an amazing end product.

What warranty do you offer?

Read our Warranty, Care and Maintenance page here.